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The name means ‘visitor’ and is a peat elemental. Shamans of Lapland would get peat mud that had never been trodden on by a human and make a human-like doll out of one. By breathing slowly and evenly over the statue, the Stallo would come to life. The Shaman gave the Stallo half of his life and half of his possessions. The Satllo would act as a servant and sometimes it would be sent to a rival Shaman’s house to turn invisible and create a nuisance. Food would go missing and fires would be put out. When the rival Shaman suspected he had a Stallo in his house he would hear a whistling sound and the Stallo would become visible. The creature would then challenge the Shaman in mortal combat. If the Stallo won he would gain all that the Shaman owned. If he lost the Shaman would gain the possessions of the Stallo which was half of what the Stallo’s master owned. When a Stallo died the creator would become ill.

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