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  • Norse Norse (culture)
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  • Frost Giants Frost Giants (common type)

One of the Jotunar Giants. Starkadr unlike other Jotunar Giants had 8 heads. There are two Starkardrs in Norse mythology. One is the grandfather of the other. The grandfather Starkardr had 6 - 8 arms and was mighty strong. He was also was loved by the king’s daughter. Thor was extremely jealous of this and so he fought Starkardr. Starkardr lost and was slain by Thor’s hammer. However the king’s daughter had given birth to a baby. He was born with 'jotunkuml' which is translated as ’wounds of the giant‘. Jotunkuml are stumps that appear on a Giant when it is born. This stumps eventually grow into extra arms. Eventually this Giant gives birth to a son, the second Starkadr. Rather than killing the Giant, the gods Odin and Thor plan to have Starkadr commit three crimes against a king. The first crime is for Starkadr to sacrifice his friend king Vikar to the gods. Odin is keen for king Vikar to join his ranks of celestial warriors. Starkadr has no choice as he is in debt to Odin. Odin commands that Starkadr must make the sacrifice and in return Starkadr will be granted privileges. Starkadr carries out the act and hates himself for it. The second crime he commits happens when he is in battler in aid of the Swedish king. When the Swedish king is killed, rather than rallying the disheartened troops and avenging the kings death, he flees. This was embarrassing since all the other troops were mere humans whereas he was strong and powerful in battle. The last crime is to murder the king of Denmark to steal his gold. By being cursed in this way, Starkadr upholds the ideals of the kingly function and educates us on the sins of the warrior.

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