Sun Hou-Zi

Also known as Sun Wu-Kung.

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A special monkey who contained magical powers in Chinese mythology. He was born from an egg that had been impregnated by wind. He used his magical powers and wit to steal the peach of immortality from the gods. Sun Hu-Zi wears a golden suit of armour, a gift from the Dragon Kings, a silk robe and a Dragon pelt. His main weapon was a staff that was as small as a toothpick when held behind his ear but became large when equipped. He had the ability to walk upright on two legs like a human. He went into the goddess, Kuan Shi-Yin’s cauldron that caused his eyes to turn red and become as hard as diamonds.

His story begins with him finding his homeland island overrun by Demons. The gods made him the stable boy and Sun Hou-Zi accepted this. When he realised how belittling this was he took revenge by stealing and eating the peaches of immortality that had been prepared for a festival. He returned to Earth and with his new ability he killed the Demons on the island. The gods tried to kill him but were unable to when they found out that the monkey was immortal. They called for the help of Buddha who then trapped the monkey under a mountain for 500 years. Sun Hou-Zi was rescued by a Buddhist monk and scholar called Tripitaka. They travelled together and fought Demons that wanted to eat the monkey to gain immortality. In the end he was made into a Buddha of ‘Victory Through Strife’.

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