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  • Norse Norse (culture)
  • Giant Giant (attribute)
  • Cave Dweller Cave Dweller (attribute)
  • Troublesome Troublesome (behaviour)

A Giant from Norse mythology. When Suttung’s father was killed by the Dwarves Fjalar and Galar, he became very suspicious about the Dwarves who had originally invited Gilling and his wife to a feast. The Dwarves gave Suttung their special mead out of compensation. This mead had magical properties of inspiration gave anyone who drunk from it the gift of eloquence. Together with his brother, Suttung they hid the mead in their house and made Suttung’s daughter Gunnlod to guard it. When Odin heard about this mead he immediately desired it. He went to the Giants’ house in the form of an attractive Giantess and seduced Baugi. Baugi then told Odin where the mead was kept ad drilled a fissure in the wall that led to the hiding place. Later Odin transformed into a snake and slivered through the wall. Once inside he transformed back into his former self and seduced Gunnlod and eventually stole the mead.

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