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A Giant from Russia. There are two stories of this Giant. The first tells how Svyatogor fought with the hero Il’ ya Muromets but all of the heroes attacks were ineffective. Svyatogor then pulled the Il’ ya Muromets by the hair and stuffed him in his pouch. Later he realized that his prisoner was the Holy Knight of Russia. Svyatogor then released the knight and asked him if they could be companions. The knight agreed and they went travelling together. They passed an enormous empty coffin on the side of the road. Il’ ya Muromets jumped in and found the coffin to be too big. Svyatogor pulled his companion out and lied in the coffin himself boasting that it was the perfect fit for him. However the lid of the coffin slammed shut and began to fasten tight with iron bars. The knight tried to use his sword to free his friend, but this made the iron bars moves faster and soon his companion was stuck forever. Svyatogor asked to have his horse tied to a nearby tree so that they could die together. The knight agreed and in great sadness, left his newfound friend to die.

Another story tells that the Giant was riding by himself and stopped when he found an unusual bag on the ground. The sack was too heavy to budge so Syvatogor dismounted and tried to lift the bag up. It was extremely heavy but he kept trying until he got it to the height of his knees. However, when he opened his eyes he saw that the bag had not moved at all but he had sunk into the earth at a knee-high level. Svyatogor tried to pull himself out but was not able to. Stuck there forever he starved to death in agony.

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