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This is the name of a devious Naga in the ‘Mahabarta’ of Hindu mythology. Takshaka was one of the great Naga Kings whose city was Takshasila. He originally lived in the forest city called Kurukshetra. But he was driven out of the forest by the burning fires created by Lord Arjuna and Lord Krishna.

Takshaka features in one story where the arrogant Raja named Parikshit insulted a defenceless monk. The monk’s son then asked the Naga King Takshaka for some help to defeat this Raja. Parikshit then retreated to his lonely fortress that stood in the middle of the lake where he was safe. Some monks where invited to bring gifts of fruit as tribute to the Raja. When the final piece of fruit was cut open, a small insect with red eyes scurried out. This insect grew in size and transformed into Takshaka who then strangled and devoured the Raja.

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