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One of the last progeny of the Titans. He was a enormous being who was covered in plate armour made of bronze or brass. He was said to be invincible except for the vein of ichor found at his heel that ran the length of his body. This weak point was covered heavily in armour. He was the guardian of the island of Crete based there under the orders of Zeus, Hephaestos, Vulvan or Daedalus depending on accounts. He killed trespassers by hurling rocks on them from cliff tops or by grabbing them in his red hot arms, scorching them to death. According from some accounts he met his death in the hands of the Roman heroes Pollux and Castor. In the Greek version he was killed when Jason and the Argonauts landed on the island. While Talus was pelting the Argonauts with rocks, he became possessed by the Witch Medea who caused Talus to drop a boulder on his ankle shattering the armour and destroying his ichor vein. Another story tells how Medea used her enchanting powers to remove the bronze plate from the ankle and burst the ichor vein causing Talus to bleed to death.

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