Tanngniortr and Tanngrisnir

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The two celestial goats that draw the chariot of Thor the god of thunder in Norse mythology. Their names mean ‘Tooth Gnasher’ and ‘Tooth Grinder’ respectively. Their story of creation begins when Thor and the god Loki went to a farm and killed the goats and cooked them in a cauldron. They invited the farmer and his family to join them for the feast. The family ate happily. The son of the farmer took one of the bones and broke it with a knife to eat the marrow. The next morning Thor used his hammer to bless the goat’s skins that were hanging from the wall. Then with his god powers, he merged the skins and bones together to create two celestial goats. Thor noticed that one goat had a weak back leg. In anger he demanded to know who had broken a bone in the feast. The son admitted that it was him. Thor was furious so the father offered his son to Thor as an apology. The two goats then became Thor’s servants.

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