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This is the name of a group of creatures that travelled around New Zealand. Their name means ‘Supernatural Company’. They originated from some distant magical land known as Hawaki. Here in this celestial place they found that the food had become inedible. Thus they left and sought a new home. They arrived on an island of New Zealand known as Te-Ika-A-Maui. They needed no boats for this journey and travelled there by walking on water. However after setting up camp they were soon dissatisfied with it so they journeyed to find a new home. They travelled around the land setting up camp and leaving, never finding the right place to settle. After sometime the Te-Kahu-Tipu started to fight with each other. Their guide, Komakahua, who was a great bird, took three of the most dangerous creatures of the Te-Kahu-Tipu and exiled them. Among them were Te Pouakai, a huge bird, Kopuwai a dog-headed man and Te-Karara-Huarau a large reptile with head of a man. All three were sent to the isolated island of Te-Wai-Pounamu. Te-Karara-Huarau was the most dangerous of them all, so he was exiled to a cave where Komakahua could keep watch over him.

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