Thardid Jimbo

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A sinister Giant from the tales of the Native Australians. One day a man named Mummulbery hunted and caught a kangaroo. As he was taking this back to his two wives in his camp for dinner, Thardid Jimbo stepped in his way. He demanded to see the carcass that Mummulbery was holding. As Mummelbery turned round to show the kangaroo, Thardid Jimbo tore his head off. He then severed and ate the limbs carrying the head and torso back to Mumelbery’s camp by following the footprints. When he got to the hut, he threw down to corpse he had carried and demanded that the two wives cook it for supper. The wives had been taught to be kind and resourceful so they took the body to cook. However instead of cooking they devised a plan to kill Thardid Jimbo. They told the Giant that a body of a man was not great enough for a magnificent Giant such as him. They told him to catch a female dingo that could be located in a cave. Thardid Jimbo took his nullanulla (club) and ventured in to the far end of the cave. Whilst in there, the wives took some scrub at the entrance and set light to it. The fire spread inside the cave and Thardid Jimbo was caught in the flames. He tried to jump over the flames but being so big he hit his head against the ceiling an fell unconscious into the raging fire. Later the wives met with a wirinun (shaman) who used his powers to talk to Mummelbery. Mummelbery told his wives not to be sad and that if they missed him so much they could join him in the after life. The wives agreed and they hugged the golden light spirit of Mummelbery. They too turned into light and went into the after life.

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