The Imps of Misfortune

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These were sinister spirits from the myths of Ukraine. They would taunt and haunt people causing them bad luck. The Imps of Misfortune would jumped into people’s graves and continue to haunt them after death. There is a story of a man who was extremely unlucky and never made much money. His brother on the contrary was quite wealthy but he did not help his brother. The unlucky man found out that his adversity was a result of The Imps of Misfortune. These teased the man so much that he claimed he would kill himself. The Imps then retorted that they would jump into his grave and taunt him after death. When the man announced his intentions to end his life to his family, they were devastated. The man built his own coffin and when he finished rendering it he asked the Imps to try out the size of the coffin. Once all the Imps were in the coffin, the man sealed the lid tight and buried the Imps. As a result he became quite lucky and his wealth greatly increased. He became so rich that he surpassed the wealth of his brother. His brother then found the coffin and opened it up to release the Imps. He ordered the Imps of Misfortune to curse his brother but the Imps replied that they were bored of tormenting him. The Imps turned on the wealthy brother and made his life a misery. His fortune rapidly declined. When this happened the newly wealthy brother came to the rescue and offered him money. The two brothers were both free from the Imps of Misfortune and lived happily.

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