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  • Dragons Dragons (common type)

According to the legends of the Sumer and Babylonian myths, the first creatures of creation were the Dragons Tiamat and Abzu. Tiamat was salt water and Abzu was fresh water and symbolize male and female. Their mixing created the gods who disturbed Abzu. Abzu took vengeance on the gods, trying to kill them despite the persuasions of Tiamat not to. Abzu was killed by Ea and thus Tiamat vowed to take revenge. Tiamat created eleven monsters to kill the gods. These were; Mushmahhu, Basmu, Usumgallu, Mushassu Igallu, Lahamu, Uridimmus, Girtablili, Umu Darbrutu- ‘Fierce Storms’ and Kulullu. Tiamat created the beasts from here womb with the aid of her evil shadow, Hubar. She allowed the deity Qingu to lead the beasts to battle. Tiamat first tried to kill Marduk by putting him in a trance. Marduk managed to shake of the trance and in a ferocious battle, he killed Tiamat. Marduk then went on to defeat eleven creatures. Tiamat’s body became a constellation in the sky.

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