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These were beings born from the Giant Uranus and Gaia. Uranus saw them as such hideous beings that he had them imprisoned in Tartarus, the underworld which in some sources was the womb of Gaia. They were released by the Titan Kronos. He then gathered the mightiest of these Titans and fought Uranus in rebellion to his tyrannical rule. Gaia joined in and used a sickle to castrate Uranus. As Uranus died he cursed Kronos saying that one of the Titan’s children would grow up to kill Kronos. As a result Kronos ate every child that was born from his wife, Rhea. Rhea managed to hide one of her children from danger and named the child Zeus. Rhea then persuaded Kronos to regurgitate the children he had eaten. Kronos did and these beings were resurrected and transformed to became the Olympian gods. The gods fought many battles against the Titans and it was Zeus who finally overthrew Kronos.

Originally there were only 12 Titans, six sons and six daughters. The sons were Coeus, Kronos, Crius, Hyperion, Japetus and Oceanus. The six daughters were Rhea, Tethys, Phoebe, Mnemosyne, Theia and Themis. Others such as Euribia, Clymene and Dione were added during the time of ancient Greece. Later, Boccaccio (1313 - 1375) added other Titans who were also seen as Giants. These were Typhon, Briareus, Typhus, Enceladus, Egon, Alous, Atlas and Astreus.

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