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A gargantuan cockerel of Fiji mythology. He once led his flock of fowls to the shore to feast on all the tasty worms and sea creatures there. Toatoatatavaya-O killed and ate many of the creatures there with his fellow birds. He stepped on a clam to eat it, but the clam closed hard and stuck to his foot. The clam then slithered all the way up to his neck weighing him down and rendering flightless. He stayed like this until the tide closed in. The cockerel pleaded to be let go and told him that he was the king of all the fowls. All the other birds where flying back, begging for their leader to fly with them. The clam refused to let go stating ‘You should not have come here to eat the tasty sea creatures. You should have stayed inland’. The clam held tight until Toatoatatavaya-O and all the devoted fowl drowned. To this day it is said that the cockerel crows and the fowls respond when the tide comes in.

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