Town Giants

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This is a name given to Giants associated with towns of which effigies are made of them and paraded round the streets at festivals. This was popular in Spain where Town Giants are used in the celebration of the Feast of Corpus Christi in Catalonia, Barcelona and Valencia. Here they are known as Cabezudo. Other famous Town Giants include Gayant in the town of Douai in Belgium, Antigonus in Antwerp, Belgium and Giant Onion in Silchester, England. The most famous Town Giants are Gog and Magog whose statues are a part of the Guildhall in London. These statues were destroyed in the Great Fire of London. Their remakes were then destroyed in the London bombings of World War II. Now there exists third casting of the Giants whose story dates back many centuries at a time when Giants ruled the land and the British Isles was known as Albion.

On famous Town Giant is Goliath who although a Biblical figure, became a Town Giant in the retelling of his story. He is associated with the following towns: Anvers, Ath, Malines, Lierre, Nieuport, Nivelles (all situated in Belgium), Troyes in France and Hasselt in Holland. Here Goliath threatens the town until a local hero named David takes on the Giant in single combat.

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