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  • Medieval Medieval (culture)
  • Giant Giant (attribute)
  • Flying Flying (attribute)
  • Deadly Deadly (behaviour)

A gigantic creature from the myths of Russia. It had two huge eyes 2ft apart but with ears 8 inches in length. He had a obese body with a stomach that looked like two tree trunks placed side by side. Tugarin was notorious for his aggressive behaviour. At a feast put on by Prince Vladimir, Tugarin threw a dagger at Alesha in response to an insult. Fortunately, Alesha’s squire caught the dagger in midair. Tugarin then challenged Alesha to a duel outside. When they met outside, Tugarin was on his powerful and large horse but he had also grown wings. Alesha prayed for it to rain to give him a chance of victory. When it rained, Tugarin’s wings melted so he stirred his horse into action and charged at Alesha. Alesha grabbed onto the enormous horse and climbed his way up to the top of the horses neck. This made him close enough to attack Tugarin and sever his head off. He then went back to the court of Vladimir in Kiev with the Tugarin’s head.

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