Twrch Trwyth

Also known as Porcus Troit, Porcus Troynt, Troynt.

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A boar that terrorised the people of Ireland with its two boar sons Llwydawg the Hewer and Grugyn Silver Bristles. The Celtic hero Culhwch had been given a task to remove a comb, razor and sheers from the coat of Twrch Trwyth. Culhwch called upon the help of Arthur and they both traced the whereabouts of the boar. One by one the two sons were eventually hunted down in a grizzly and bloodied battle. Twrch Trwyth was cornered and the sheers and razor were removed from its bristles. The boar broke loose and fled to Cornwall to create more chaos. The heroes ventured to Cornwall and chased the boar off a cliff before retrieving the comb. The boar was seen to be swimming across the horizon and was never seen again.

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