Tylwyth Teg

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  • Celtic Celtic (culture)
  • Humanoid Humanoid (attribute)
  • Hellish Hellish (attribute)
  • Domestic Domestic (attribute)
  • Haunting Haunting (behaviour)
  • Fairies and Nymphs Fairies and Nymphs (common type)

Fairies from Wales whose name means ‘The Fairy Folk’. They had long fair hair, white dresses and were very attractive. Some say that they belonged to the magician Gywdioon while others said that they ruled the underworld. They would steal babies and children with blonde hair and leave a changeling called Crimbil in their place. They can only be seen at night and are usually observed singing and dancing merrily but quickly turn to anger if one joins in. They would fly to markets and replace people’s money with their own magic money that turned into dry leaves or disappeared when the man went home. It is customary to light a fire at night for the creatures to dance around. This would please them and they would leave a present.

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