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  • South American South American (culture)
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  • Troublesome Troublesome (behaviour)

This was a primordial Giant from the tales of the Tupari people of Brazil. He was born from a crevasse in the Earth which was his mother. When he reached the surface of the Earth he brought about destruction and chaos. She called out to the Sun for assistance. The Sun evaporated the escaping waters and sent the Wizard Arkoayo to deal with Valedjad. Arkoayo waited until the Giant was a sleep and then poured hot melted bees wax into the Giant’s ears and nose and sealed the fingers together. Finally Arkoayo binded him with enchanted holly- a plant that was indestructible to Stone Giants. The Wizard then called to a flock of birds to carry Valedjad to the far north of the world. The Giant exists there today causing earthquakes with his struggles to break free, thunder as he roars in frustration and lightning that is his fierce and angry face.

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