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One of the three kings of Nagas. He managed to tie a rope around Mount Mandara at the churning of the ocean and thus many beings arose in the world. He once appeared in human form an caught leprosy. His daughter used some of the magical potion substance, amrita to cure him. She ran out of ointment and needed more for Vasuki’s thumb. When she went to get more she was captured and Vasuki’s thumb remained tainted. Vasuki made a deal with the Garuda to not eat all the snakes and Nagas. In return he would give Garuda one snake a day. Vasuki ruled the kingdom near Kailasa.

Krishna refers himself to being Vasuki in terms of being a serpent or a being of love. Vasuki in Buddhism is stated to have attended the Buddha in his teachings. Vasuki also refers to a race of Nagas, snake-like beings who claim to be the children of a great serpent who was killed in a great forest fire in present day Punjab that was created by Lord Krishna and Lord Arjuna.

Other Naga Kings were Ananta and Takshaka.

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