Also known as Peluda, La Velue

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A creature from France whose name translates as ‘Shaggy Beast’. The Velue was a green haired creature from French myth that has suckers coming from the sides of its body. It uses this suckers to attack and sting its victims. It had a long tail, enormous feet and the head of a snake. It escaped the Biblical flood of Noah and devastated the countryside of France with its burning breath. It spent its days lurking in its lair in the Huisine River. The Velue would ravage the land destroying crop and eating livestock. However when it was chased by would-be-heroes, the beast would jump into a river or lake and caused a flood.

At one time it caught a woman who was to be married. Her husband-to-be tracked the creature down and found its lair. He crept cautiously towards the entrance and drew his weapon ready to attack. When he came upon the creature he fought fiercely with anger in his heart. He was unable to land a killing blow but one blow did sever the tail of this terrible beast as it fled. Revenge had been taken indeed as the tail was the weakness of the Velue and the beast died later of its wound.

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