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A Dragon that has the beak of an eagle instead of a Dragon’s snout and with the breasts of a woman. Like the Wryvern, the Vibria only has only its forelegs and wings. The Vibria belongs to Catalan mythology and was a part of their heraldry. Some knights would feature the top-half of the Vibria on the crown of their helmet. The Vibria is a clever little Dragon. However this beast was banished to small cave by the marauding moors who chased the Vibira into the caves near the land of the Christians to take revenge on these Christians who drove them out of their land. The Vibria was only small at the time but when it grew older and become much larger in size, it came out of its cave to feed on people and livestock, burning down villages in the process. Finally a man plucked up the courage to make the attempt to kill the beast. Count Jofre el Pilos destroyed the Dragon and built a monastery at the peak of the mountain to prevent any more Dragons from invading the land and creating havoc.

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