Also known as Vukodlak, Kudlak.

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These are Werewovles of the Slavic tradition. The name if the Werewolves in Slovakia. These are cannibalistic beings that have the ability to transform into other beasts. They are cursed to forever feed from the living. The name Vlkodlaks comes from the word ‘vlko’ meaning wolf.

In Slovenian and Croatian belief they are known as the Kudlaks and are he archenemy of the heroic Kresnik. The Kudlaks and Kresnik a like are Shamans that both possess the ability to transform into animals, mainly pigs, oxen and cows. While the Kudlaks spirit becomes a white animal, the Kudlak;s spirit becomes a balck animal. The two fight each other at night, the Kudlak intent on killing and causing destruction to the local people and the Kresnik intent on preventing such harm. In the end the Kresnik always wins. It is believed that in every village there is one Kresnik and one Kudlak. If someone is suspected of being a Kudlak when they die they sever the tendons behind the knees to ensure that they will not rise from the grave to disturb the living.

According to I. Milcetic in 1896:

‘The most recent kudlaks in Dubasnica were the Coporici from the village of Turcic (1880). I met one of the Coporici... He was lame and by reliable testimony a kudlak! I still remember well how in my youth I went past his house with trepidation. However, during his lifetime he had rid himself of the evil spirit, having confessed his sins. From then on there were no more kudlaks in Dubasnica, because the priests had driven them out. The grandfather of this Coporici was a kudlak even after his death, and at night he plagued the populace and brought harm to them. To be rid of him the people of Dubasnica exhumed him and at night impaled him with a hawthorn stake. This happened at the first half of this century.’

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