Vol'Ga Buslavlevich

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  • Eastern European Eastern European (culture)
  • Humanoid Humanoid (attribute)
  • Sorcery and Medicinal Sorcery and Medicinal (attribute)
  • Friendly Friendly (behaviour)

A Giant with magical shape-shifting powers from the tales of Russia. He was destined to be a warrior and showed proficient skills in this when he was five years old. When he grew up he travelled the world to learn all there is to learn. He then came across a group of Bogatyris. He became their leader and asked them to make nets and tie them to the trees in the forests and capture the animals. Then men did so but were unable to chase the animals into the nets. Vol’Ga Buslavlevich transformed into a lion and drove all the mammals of the forest into the nets. He then instructed them to do the same but ties the nets higher up into the trees. The men did this but could not capture the birds as instructed. Thus Vol’Ga Buslavlevich turned into a Naul bird and chased all the birds into the nets. He then instructed his men to make nets and put them into the sea to catch fish. When the men could not catch the fish he morphed into a pike and chased all the fish into the nets. He thus learnt that his men were loyal.

One day he became a small white bird and flew to the window ledge of the room of the great Turkish sultan. The sultan was telling his wife that he would invade Russia and capture nine cities for his nine sons. The Queen then told the sultan that she had a dream where a small white bird defeated a great black raven. The raven was the Turkish and the small white bird was Vol’Ga Buslavlevich. The sultan slapped the queen. At that moment Vol’Ga Buslavlevich flew to the ground and turned into a wolf. As a wolf he tore the throats of all the sultan’s horses. He then became a stoat and destroyed the sultan’s armoury. Later Vol’Ga Buslavlevich gathered his loyal troops and marched to the sultan. In the ensuing battle Vol’Ga Buslavlevich and his men won.

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