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One of the Dreamtime animals, the Wagyl is a snake creature and creator being. It is thus similar to but not the same as the famous Rainbow Serpents of Aboriginal myth. The Wagyl has the task of protecting the rivers, lakes, springs and all the wildlife that lives there. He is also the guardian of the land of the Noongar people. It lives as part of the earth in the form of the Darling Scarp, a low escarpment or rang running north-south to the east of the Swan Coastal Plain. It is also considered a serpent and it slithered across the land carving out rivers and paths. When he rested from all his travels his massive body weight created indents in the land which became lakes and bays. The scales that fell off became rocks and trees. The Wagyl is closely associated with the Swan and Canning Rivers around Perth and south-west Western Australia.

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