Wayland Smith

Also known as Weiland, Weland Smith, Volund.

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A great black smith and an invisible Giant that supposedly originated in the Bronze Age and the Iron Age, being associated with their monuments. He is described in the Germanic manuscript of 1000 AD. He lives in lonely and abandoned Hill Forts where he manufactures all kinds of metal objects. It is believed that if you left a horse with some money outside one of his abodes, the horse would be found newly shod the following day. His name is included on the charter of Berkshire dated 855 AD (a place that is now Oxfordshire) and was mentioned by King Alfred the Great (c. 899 AD) as an excellent and wise blacksmith. He is even included in the tales of Beowulf as he forges the weapons and armour for Beowulf. There are numerous sites in Britain that are associated with him. One is Wayland’s Pool which is a stretch of water where the Giant would cool the hot metal tools that he forged.

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