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There are many various types of Were-Dogs from different cultures.

In African myth thee are creatures that can shape-shift from human form to hyenas. They have two mouths enabling them to talk an eat at the same time. They have a never ending appetite and are always looking for their next meal.

In Greek myth the Were-Dogs were known as Cynocephali, a race of men that had the heads of dogs. They believed that these creatures lived far out to the east. Stories of them came from reports of travellers to the Far East although some people now believe that these reports were sightings of baboons and mandrills.

In Babylonian myth the Pazuzu is a dog-headed creature with the body of a human with scaled skin. He had the wings of a bird and protected people from the Demon Lamastu.

There are various dog-headed creatures from Maori myth such as Moeahu and Kopuwai These tend to be deadly creatures that feature in stories where they are defeated by a Maori warrior.

The Werewolf from the myths of the Timor people in Papua New Guinea are humans who could transform themselves into a dog. At night it would leave its human sleeping body and travel in the form of a dog. They would enter a house were a person was sleeping and used their magical powers to transform the sleeping person’s body into a farm animal such as a goat or a cow. However the human’s head remained human on the body of the animal so the Were-Dog would quickly decapitate this. The Were-dog would then take the body back home to be eaten by his family. The next morning the family would grieve at the death of their family member. The Were-Dog would return in human form and invite the family to his house for a cooked meal, where the unsuspecting family would eat the meat of their recently lost relative. If a man was convicted of being a Were-Dog the penalty would be instant death.

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