White Buffalo Calf Woman

Also known as Ptesan-Wi

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The great white bull of North American tribe of Lakota. It was a messenger for Buffalos and humans. She gave the Lokata people the Seven Sacred Rituals. At one time two scouts of the Lakota tribe were sent out to find food at a time of famine. The scouts travelled far and wide until they saw a lone figure walking in the distance. As they approached the person they saw that it was a woman dressed in white with long black flowing hair. One of the scouts was filled with sexual desire and wished to woo this most beautiful young lady. He said to his friend that he will try and embrace the woman and if he liked her he would claim her as his wife. The friend warned him not to do that and to have some respect as this was a sacred lady. Ignoring such comments the desirous scout went to embrace the woman. Before he could do so the pair found that they were enshrouded by a thick white cloud and could not even see each other.

After a while the cloud disappeared and only the woman and the respectful scout remained. The remaining scout drew his bow to protect himself. The woman smiled and beckoned him to come forward stating that no harm will come to him. The woman spoke in Lakota so the scout decided that she must be part of her tribe. The woman pointed to a place on the ground where a human skeleton lay. The woman explained that the desirous scout was overcome by the Crazy Buffalo and so she killed him. The respectful scout was now terrified and feared his life and again he drew his bow. The woman explained that no weapon could harm her and again said that if he id what she asked no harm will come to him. She also promised that if he was compliment his tribe will become prosperous. Since the scout was not in a position to make orders, he promised to do as the lady commanded. He was instructed to return home and prepare a feast for her arrival. He did just this and he and his friends prepared a grand feast. The woman's name was Ptesan-Wi and she came to the feast and taught the people many sacred rituals. She also taught them that the pipe binds the sky, the earth and all life on it. She gave them this pipe as well as sacred medicine and taught the people how to pray. She also prophesied that when all the white bulls are no more, the waters will cover the earth and the sacred hoop will end. The white buffalo is known to represent a great barrier tot he west that holds back the ocean waters.

When the missionaries came to North America to convert the naitive people their stories of the virgin Mary became associated with the White Buffalo Calf Woman. This association continues to this day. Only seven true genetically pure white bison still exist. They live in the Spirit Mountain in Flagstaff Arizona.

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