White Panther

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A Lake monster from the traditions and beliefs of the Wyandot people of North America. At one time hunters were hunting near the River Huron and Lake Erie. There they saw some shimmering light on the water’s surface and then a turbulent movement on the water. That place was then struck by lightning from which a white panther emerged. The frightened hunters shot at the White Panther but it could not be killed. They collected the blood that trickled from the beast’s body and kept it in medicinal bundles. Eventually these hunters formed a cult that became quite wide spread. They used the enchanting spell to help capture their prey. They hunted both animal and human and held the blood of the White Panther as sacred. After the slaughter of two women and an alliance made from the cult with the Seneca people in the 18th century, the cult was deemed as Devil worship. Anyone found with a medicinal bundle was to be sentenced to death. After many executions, the cult rapidly died down.

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