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  • North American North American (culture)
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A cannibal Giant from the myths of the Native Americans of Ontario, Maitoba, North Dakota, Saskatchewan, Canada, Naskapi, Wisconsin and Michigan. There are two types of Witico. The first is given to a name of predatory Giants with dirty bodies. They frequently hunt humans in the wilderness and live in city areas. The second were the first humans to have chosen to eat human flesh when food shortages were extremely low. They lived in extremely cold lands and dreamed of the spirits of the Ice and the North. When someone had contracted the disease that will turn them into a Witico, they request to their relatives or friends that they be killed to stop them from hurting others in their soon-to-be monstrous form. Both types of Witico can be killed by ritual magic and evaded by smearing their face with human excrement which confuses and disorientates them.

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