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The dog of the underworld in Aztec myth. He made a contract that all the gods must die including him so that the sun may move again. When the gods died he hid by turning himself into a maize plant. He then turned into a maguay cactus and then a larvae creature before eventually dying. Xolotl helped to create the first human beings. In the beginning there were semi-divine beings that were born from a stone knife. They asked their creator Citalicue if there could be other beings to assist them. Citalicue asked Xolotl to go to the Lord of Death, Mictlan to retrieve the bones of the dead. Xolotl returned with the bone in his mouth but stumbled when landing on Earth, which broke the bone into two unequalled pieces. These pieces were then given to Citalicue who put them into a bowl, sprinkled blood from the gods on them and left it. Four days later a man emerged from it and four days after that a woman emerged from it.

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