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Down by the McDonald range, there is a cave known as the Emily Gap in Mparntwe (more commonly known as the Alice Springs), in the northern territory of Australia. The have lived there for over 45,000 years. At the entrance of the Emily Gap there are paintings that tell as old legendary tale of the 3 caterpillars. These were not ordinary caterpillars but celestial caterpillars of enormous size. Yeperenye and his two companions, Utnerrengatye and Ntyarlke were powerful creation forces that stopped off at Mparntwe. Here they dug holes deep into the ground creating the cave openings and passages of the Emily Gap. They illustration also tells of how the three caterpillars were attacked by the Irlperenye which were green stink bugs of a similar dramatically large size to the caterpillars. Ntyarlke and Utnerrengatye died in the struggle against the bugs which were repelled. Yeperenye survived the fight and went on to carve the tops of the mountains ranges and the trees growing on them.

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