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A raven of the tales of the Tlingit tribe in the north-west Pacific. He transformed himself into a splinter that was then swallowed by the daughter of a being called Nascakiyetl. He was then born from her and stole the sun, moon, stars and light to create the winds and people of this Earth. He turned one fast running person into a dog so that the person could run even faster. He obtained water from Petrel to make the rivers and the Lakes and instructed a woman to make the waters flow in a tide. While creating these waters, Petrel lit a fire underneath Yetl which turned his white feathers to black. He once captured all but one of the killer whales and grinded them down to make oil. This was accomplished with the help of one man. When it came to split their shares, the man trapped Yetl in a cage and threw the bird off a cliff so that the he could claim all the shares. Yetl has taught the man that the best cages were made out of straw. The raven was thus able to break out of this flimsy material. Yetl also once went to the depths of the ocean and killed the otter that lived there. He broke off his leg and used it to prop up the world. He then ordered the ‘Old Woman Who Lives Under the Earth’ to guard this prop and keep it upright. Periodically she would fall asleep and the prop would wane creating earthquakes. This woke her up and she would resume her task.

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