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These are female Demons of death and are one of the Hisa-Me from Japanese belief. their name translates as ‘Ugly Women of Yomi’ There were 8 of them all looking old and wild. They were sent by Izanami to chase Izanagi who had escaped from the Underworld. There is a long chase as the Yomotsu-Shikome try to hunt down Izanagi to bring him back to the Underworld. Izanagi waved his sword and threw down his headdress. When his headdress touched the ground it transformed into a bunch of grapes. The hags stopped to get the grapes giving Izanagi time to lose the monsters. However the Yomotsu-Shikome found Izanagi and began to pursue him again. This time Izanagi threw down a sacred comb which, when it touched the ground transformed into bamboo shoots. The hags could not resist the temptation and stopped to eat the bamboo shoots. In the end the hero Izanagi escapes. The Yomotsu-Shikome are said to be filled with fury. some believe that they were the personification of pollution and death.

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